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Aruba Networks provides next-generation access management, network infrastructure and mobility application solutions for mobile enterprise networks.


The Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture unifies these three core areas into one cohesive and manageable system that strengthens security and dramatically simplifies bring-your-own-device implementations.

MOVE is software-defined so it easily adapts to the dynamics of mobility. This enables IT to manage traffic flows on any wired, wireless and remote network and control how devices and work applications are used - without upgrading or reconfiguring existing networks.


Access Points: Aruba 802.11n APs deliver 10 times faster performance than legacy Wi-Fi networks and feature best-in-class RF management, strong enterprise-grade security and exceptional resiliency. From low to ultra-high-density Wi-Fi client environments, these versatile APs can be centrally managed by Aruba Mobility Controllers or deployed in Aruba Instant mode.


Remote Networking: Aruba solves a wide range of networking challenges so your remote enterprise workforce can stay connected. From centrally managed branch WLANs that scale to hundreds of remote sites, to autonomous Wi-Fi networks that deploy in minutes, Aruba gives travelling business professionals and teleworkers a headquarters-like networking experience.


Outdoor Mesh Routers: Aruba wireless mesh routers deliver high-performance networking to outdoor environments where wired connectivity is impractical or unavailable. A multi-radio, multi-frequency design provides unparalleled speed and reliability for transporting voice, video and other real-time applications across long-distance.


Mobility Access Switches: Aruba’s Mobility Access Switches are a new class of product that brings context-based access to wired networks. Designed for wiring closets, the Mobility Access Switches deliver secure access to users, independent of their location, access method, device or application.


Mobility Controllers: Aruba Mobility Controllers provide context-aware networking across wireless and wired LANs, VPN connections, and remote offices. Running the Aruba OS™ operating system, Mobility Controllers integrate a wide array of networking and security functions and deliver a seamless user experience regardless of the connection medium.


AirWave Network Management: AirWave solution is the only multi vendor network management software that manages everything affecting service quality - the RF environment, controllers, wired infrastructure and access points. The intuitive user interface delegates responsibility across IT by providing access to charts, tables, diagnostic information and alerts based on support staff roles.



Aruba Networks Indoor 802.11n Access Points:

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