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InterMapper Flows gives you a fast, exceptionally detailed, analysis of NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, and cFlow traffic data. Collecting data in intervals of one second, InterMapper Flows provides forensic-level telemetry on Top Talkers, Top Hosts, and Top Listeners. And, because data is preserved over time, you'll conduct after the fact network traffic analyses to determine the explanation behind network use trends.


InterMapper Flows is our network traffic monitoring software which enhances your ability to analyse the kinds of data flowing across and through your network. Flows is a powerful and affordable network traffic monitor that is capable of sub-millisecond accuracy for network bandwidth monitoring.

What is NetFlow? What is sFlow? These network traffic monitoring protocols let you analyse the traffic on your network by showing the top talkers, top listeners, top protocols, and more. You can see into the kinds of traffic (web, mail, FTP, peer-to-peer, etc.) that's on the network, as well as which devices are sending and receiving most of the traffic. Although NetFlow and sFlow are somewhat different technologies from different vendors, InterMapper Flows can handle both, to give you deep insight into your network.

InterMapper Flows NetFlow analyser gives you real-time statistics on bandwidth utilisation. With sub-millisecond accuracy, no other Cisco NetFlow tracker provides such a granular view into your network traffic. With InterMapper network traffic monitoring software, all data is retained (not just summary data) to give you a complete picture. Our NetFlow tracker provides in-depth information on all conversations passing through your network.


Use InterMapper Flows to conduct:



Network forensic investigation

•  Who are your Top Talkers and who are they "talking" to?

•  What web-sites are routinely visited and what is downloaded?

•  Are there any signs of rogue network applications or malicious activity?


Network traffic troubleshooting

•  What explains the sharp traffic increase every Saturday at 3:00 am?

•  Who is generating the most traffic?

•  Could specific site blocking solve your heavy traffic problem?


Capacity planning

•  Do you have enough bandwidth to support mission-critical activity?

•  Is recreational or illegal activity consuming your network?

•  Who is hogging bandwidth?


Please contact us on 01482 886161 or InterMapper@marquest.com for more information.
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