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Network Monitoring Software

Of all the network monitoring software applications in the marketplace, InterMapper is the only network monitoring tool that is at once powerful, easy-to-use, flexible and affordable.

When researching network monitor software alternatives, the network administrator has a multitude of choices from open-source and freeware network monitoring software (which are not easy to implement) to other commercial network monitoring tools (which are much more expensive than InterMapper). InterMapper provides network monitoring tools that hit the sweet spot of power, ease of use, flexibility and affordability.


Proactive Network Management

     • Spot and fix pending performance problems before end-users start calling.


     • Device icons on dynamic network maps are colour-coded for instant status reporting.


     • Alerts notify you that network performance thresholds have been exceeded.


Network Services and Application Monitoring


    • Make sure that web, email, database and other business-critical services and applications are available 24/7


Network Troubleshooting


    • Why is the server slow? Why isn’t the video-conference running well?


    • Quickly access hard drive, memory, jitter, packet latency, connection speed and other date to find and fix root causes of network         service degradation.


Network Capacity Planning


    • Can traffic be rerouted to improve flow?


    • Is more server power needed to support new remote workers?


    • Real-time network performance views make you constantly aware of where your network is working well, where improvements are         needed, and how to cost-effectively expand your infrastructure.

Network monitoring has become a key responsibility of the network administrator. InterMapper is one of the first network monitoring tools to come to market and has maintained its unique market leading position with a constantly evolving feature set. Our real-time network monitoring software solution has the best network mapping software available. InterMapper provides an at-a-glance, real-time view of your network devices, services, applications, connections, and traffic patterns. Drilling down on maps and charts it uncovers the details needed to fix performance problems and keep mission-critical networks up to service level requirements. Over 25,000 network managers across the globe use InterMapper for:



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