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InterMapper provides network analyser software for the busy network administrator. Our powerful network analysis suite of tools enables troubleshooting, diagnostics and planning. Our network analyser application, which features integrated monitoring, mapping and alerting functionality, helps you address network issues before users are impacted.

InterMapper runs on virtually any server: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux/Unix. InterMapper’s cross platform flexibility allows it to work on all popular Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.



InterMapper is the only network analyser software that runs on Mac OS computers. Schools, media companies, advertising agencies, the publishing industry, all rely on InterMapper for network analysis on their chosen platform.

As a Linux network monitoring tool, InterMapper runs on most popular Linux distributions. If you are looking for a Linux network monitoring tool, InterMapper should be your network analyser software.

InterMapper server monitoring continually tests your servers to ensure that they are working properly. It sends queries to the server, measures the response time, and also verifies that the responses are correct. It sends alerts when the service stops operating, the response time exceeds your thresholds, or some other problem is detected. InterMapper’s server monitoring probes will monitor:

• WMI and Windows/NT Service tests

• Host Resources MIB via SNMP

• Exchange Server

• Barracuda Spam Filter (and other Spam filters)

• Integrated Processor Management Interface (IPMI)

• Lights out management (LOM)

Windows Management Interface (WMI) probes see deep into the Windows OS to show the server’s conditions. The Host Resources probe provides a powerful view on the CPU, disk, and memory state of your server by querying the RFC 2790 MIB using SNMP v1, v2c, or v3. Windows Services ("NT Services") are monitored directly, and you can receive an alert if a particular service stops operating.

The software works identically on all platforms, leaving the choice up to you. You can also mix and match: run the InterMapper server on one operating system, and let your users run the GUI from their favourite desktop environment. InterMapper and InterMapper RemoteAccess are also remarkably frugal in their system requirements. The polling engine has been optimised to handle even large networks easily.

Although some of the hundreds of built-in probes are designed to monitor specific hardware or vendor’s equipment, most of the probes work with virtually any gear. For example, the Ping probe tests access and response time for anything with an IPv4 or IPv6 address; the SNMP Traffic probes retrieve traffic and other data from any vendor’s hardware, and the web, mail, ftp, and dns probes all work with multiple vendors as well.

Furthermore, InterMapper is designed to monitor any network. Its straightforward graphical user interface and ease of use make it suitable to smaller networks. Installation is simple and it’s easy to map and start monitoring a network within minutes.

Larger organisations appreciate its ease of use and the clarity InterMapper offers with its overview of the network.
InterMapper’s architecture permits it to scale easily from single-building LANs to multi-national WANs, meeting the network monitoring needs of large environments with minimal overhead.