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Since 2005 MetaGeek’s industry-leading Wi-Fi  tools have helped network professionals more efficiently deploy and maintain wireless networks. With a complete line of spectrum and packet analysis tools for Wi-Fi, more than 50,000 customers worldwide rely on MetaGeek products to discover, diagnose, and optimize their Wi-Fi networks.


Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer 5


See the invisible with Wi-Spy, a custom USB spectrum analyser designed specifically for troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues.

Wi-Spy and Chanalyzer creates a complete picture of how RF transmitters impact your 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks, giving you what you need to resolve the issues affecting your users.




Eye P.A. and AirPcap Nx


After you’ve ruled out interference, your users may still be experiencing issues. Creating a packet capture with Eye P.A. and AirPcap Nx (or b.y.o. 3rd party capture file) allows you to see a picture of how your channel is being used, packet-by-packet.

With just a glance you can get an idea for the total utilisation of air time, packets sent, and bytes present in your capture - the bigger the slice, the more activity taking place.


Map and Plan


Future-Proof your Wi-Fi installations with a Site Survey

Site survey applications use signal strength data gathered by your computer’s wireless card to map the signal strength of every access point. Site Surveys are an easy way to ensure every inch of a building has adequate wireless coverage and that security needs are met for WLAN implementations.





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