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Mojo Wi-Fi provides high performance wireless networking that scales to meet the demands of any enterprise. Mojo’s next generation controllerless Wi-Fi architecture eliminates the cost and complexity of legacy WLAN solutions.


Plug and play deployment and template based configuration simplifies WLAN implementation while Mojo’s embedded WIPS technology eliminates network disruptions and block wireless threats.


Mojo Wi-Fi:

Mojo Wi-Fi provides all the enterprise WLAN features including content filtering, firewall, QoS, admission control, traffic shaping, and BYOD device onboarding. Mojo has a family of custom-engineered, software configurable Wi-Fi APs, including its C60 platform that is dual-radio, dual concurrent and industrys only that can deliver 3x3:3 performance on 802.3af power budget and can also provide dedicated 24/7 WIPS protection concurrent with 802.11n access.

Mojo Networks, The New Era in Wi-Fi:

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Key Features:


     • Dual Radio 802.11n, 3x3:3 access on 802.3af PoE


     • WPA and WPA2 with PSK and 802.1x authentication


     • Support for multiple BSSIDs and VLANs per AP


     • Support for NAT or bridging operation per SSID


     • Guest Wi-Fi access with customisable captive portal and walled garden


     • Content filtering and built-in firewall


     • Traffic shaping for managing bandwidth allocation per SSID


     • QoS for real-time and mission-critical application


     • Secure BYOD - device fingerprinting and onboarding


Mojo WIPS:

The key to automatic device classification is to determine which of the Wi-Fi devices detected in the vicinity are connected to the enterprise network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Mojo WIPS implement the “connectivity test” using Mojo’s patented Marker Packet techniques to quickly and accurately identify devices connected to the network, without relying on slow and inconclusive CAM table lookups and passive wired network sniffing used by other WIPS solutions.

Key Features:


     • Detects Rogue AP’s in seconds, not minutes or hours


     • Eliminates false positives and false negatives


     • Eliminates the need to define arbitrary Rogue detection rules based on SSID, signal strength, MAC OUI, etc.


     • Eliminates the time and effort of manually inspecting newly discovered Wi-Fi devices



By using Mojo WIPS, customers can turn on prevention to precisely block only those Wi-Fi connections that violate their corporate policies or pose a threat to their network security, without affecting legitimate Wi-Fi communication on own or neighbour's networks.


Key Features:


     • Patented Multi-channel, multi-threat and multi-level prevention


     • Equally effective on all types of wireless threats


     • Goes beyond simple de-authentication and uses several advanced prevention techniques depending on the type of wireless threat


     • Non-intrusive and independent of the switching infrastructure can implement “Geo-fencing” to enforce Wi-Fi and “No Wi-Fi” zones