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By using OmniPeek, Network Engineers can:



• Analyse traffic from any local network segment, including 10 Gigabit (10G), Gigabit, Ethernet, and wireless segments, as well as any network segment configured with Capture Engine for OmniPeek software probes


• Capture and analyse 802.11n 3-stream for faster wireless troubleshooting


• Analyse and troubleshoot both data and multimedia traffic using a single product


• Monitor networks, application performance and multimedia in separate high-level views or “Dashboards” and drill down to see which traffic characteristics are affecting network performance


• Interactively monitor key network statistics in real-time, aggregate multiple files using “Compass” interactive dashboard, and instantly drill down to packets


• Capture and analyse data from multiple local network adapters, multiple distributed Capture Engine for OmniPeek software probes, or any combination of local and remote data


• Monitor voice and video over IP traffic in real-time including high-level multimedia dashboard, and comprehensive signalling and media analyses


• Gain complete visibility into Voice and Video over IP traffic with real-time call data record (CDR)


• Augment your existing wireless network infrastructure by turning managed access points from Cisco or Aruba and IDS/IPS wireless sensors from AirTight Networks into packet capture devices and collect data from multiple channels simultaneously


• Decrypt WPA/PSK, WEP, WPA2/AES and SSL packets


• Add reports of wireless interference sources into OmniPeek’s Summary Statistics and set triggers on reported interference to troubleshoot interference problems as they occur


• Rely on real-time Expert Analysis to do the heavy lifting, performing analysis of all network traffic and reporting Expert events as they occur


• Receive alerts when specific Expert events occur or when configured network policies are violated


• Change filters on the fly without having to stop and restart network traffic captures


• View packet-stream based analytics by conversation pair, instantly locating network events


• View web traffic, the most common data type on the network, in conversational flows based on client, server, web pages or web requests


• Monitor MPLS and VLAN networks

OmniPeek Professional is suitable for all small businesses and corporate workgroups, regardless of size of the network or the number of employees. OmniPeek Professional provides support for multiple network interfaces while still supporting up to two Capture Engines for OmniPeek acting as both a full-featured network analyser and a console for remote network analysis.


OmniPeek Enterprise is Savvius’s flagship product. It combines all of the features of the OmniPeek product line in one product, including support for local captures from multiple interfaces and connections to an unlimited number of distributed Omnipliance network recorders. It supports data collection from any network topology, including 10 Gigabit and Gigabit networks, and local matrix switches. OmniPeek Enterprise also provides advanced Voice and Video over IP functionality including signalling and media analyses of voice and video, VoIP playback, voice and video Expert analysis, Visual Expert, and more. OmniPeek Enterprise is ideal for IT organisations responsible for network analysis and network service level agreements (SLAs) for the entire organisation.


OmniPeek Connect manages an organisation's Omnipliance network recorders, and provides all the console capabilities of OmniPeek Enterprise with the exception of local capture and VoIP call playback. OmniPeek Connect is ideal for Network Operations Center (NOC) deployments as it can monitor distributed analysis solutions at multiple remote locations, with no need for local captures at the console location.

OmniPeek gives network engineers real-time visibility and Expert Analysis into every part of the network from a single interface, including Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless, VoIP, and Video to remote offices. Using OmniPeek’s intuitive user interface and "top-down" approach to visualising network conditions, network engineers, even junior staff, can quickly analyse, drill down and fix performance bottlenecks across multiple network segments, maximising uptime and user satisfaction.

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