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Our Omnipliance™ network recorders are a high-performance, continuous, network traffic capture and analysis solution in its class that displays key network and media statistics in real time with no negative impact on capture performance.

Omnipliance sets a new standard in network recording, offering unsurpassed network traffic collection and recording, the most complete set of real-time statistics, quick data rewinding, simultaneous real-time network monitoring, and rapid search and forensic analysis of collected data.

With Omnipliance, network issues of any type can be identified, analysed, reconstructed, and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Omnipliance seamlessly blends aggregation of data from multiple Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, and even 40 Gigabit ports with dynamic hardware filtering and packet slicing to provide unprecedented visibility into highly utilised networks without losing critical data. Recorded network data can be retrieved rapidly using an interactive visualisation format for detailed, in-depth search and forensics analysis, eliminating costly and time-consuming efforts to reproduce intermittent network issues.

Omnipliance Network Recorder Family:

Omnipliance also supports centralised, correlated analysis of network flows from multiple capture points, even from other Omnipliance network recorders, using multi-segment analysis. In addition to providing one of the fastest network recording solutions, Omnipliance is ideal for real-time, 24x7 network monitoring and analysis.


Also available is the Omnipliance Portable. With the Omnipliance Portable, Savvius technology can be used to directly access network segments that are difficult to reach but are in need of network troubleshooting.

With its rugged construction and expandability, the Omnipliance Portable is ideal for the deployment of Savvius advanced network interfaces, OmniAdapters, and the software analysis that delivers the superior experience of Savvius analysis.

Other network capture solutions often claim "line-rate" analysis based on the packet capture specifications of the embedded network capture card. However, packet capture performance depends on many other factors, including the rate at which packets are saved without data loss. Omnipliance captures and monitors sustained traffic rates of greater than 12Gbps, writing those packets to disk without data loss for forensics analysis.

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