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Savvius is the leading provider of network, application performance and protocol analysis, VoIP monitoring and troubleshooting solutions.


Our Savvius solutions are fully extensible and include training, professional services, custom engineering and support offerings.


OmniPeek network analysers perform deep packet inspection, network forensics, troubleshooting and packet and protocol analysis of wired and wireless networks.


Omnipliance network recorders and Capture Engine for OmniPeek software probes monitor and analyse NetFlow, sFlow and packet data at remote locations.



Advanced analysis plugins can be installed to provide features like network forensics, application vs network latency, ping monitoring, email and instant message analysis, NetFlow and sFlow statistics, remote streaming capture from Cisco AP’s and Linux, and more

Creating Simple Filters in OmniPeek:

Please contact us on 01482 886161 or enquiries@marquest.com for more information. Click here to request a Savvius product evaluation.


Network Recorders


• Comprehensive network performance monitoring and monitoring of entire enterprise networks, including network segments at remote offices


• Interactive monitoring of key network statistics in real-time, aggregating multiple files and instantly drilling down to packets using the "Compass" interactive dashboard


• Deep packet inspection


• Seamless management of all Capture Engine for OmniPeek software probes and Omnipliance network recorders in the network


• Integrated support for Ethernet, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless (Including 3-stream), VoIP, Video, MPLS and VLAN


• Intuitive drill-down to understand which nodes are communicating, which protocols and sub-protocols are being transmitted and which traffic characteristics are affecting network performance


• Complete voice and video over IP real-time monitoring including high-level multimedia dashboard, call data record (CDR) and comprehensive signalling and media analyses


• Application performance monitoring and analysis in the context of overall network activity including the ability to monitor application response time, round-trip network delay, server responsiveness, database transactions per second and myriad other low-level statistics.


• An extensible architecture that can be easily tailored to individual network requirements