iBypass DUO

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Inline security and monitoring tools allow network operators to prevent incidents, inspect encrypted traffic, block bad IPs and more. However, these same security and monitoring tools can become a single point of failure — bringing down the entire network, affecting users and compromising security in the process.

Bypass switches are the solution to this conundrum! They provide a fail-safe way to achieve inline security, without compromising uptime or the user experience.

Keysight’s iBypass DUO is the latest, inline bypass switch to ensure operators achieve resilient security, while maintaining up-time and without affecting the user experience.

iBypass DUO is different from other bypasses on the market — it has two management interfaces, two power fail options and all the other features our bypasses are known for. With the ability to deploy standalone or with a network packet broker, the iBypass DUO is incredibly versatile.

In addition our Fabric Controller Centralized Manager, the only central management tool for bypass switches, simplifies and speeds iBypass DUO configuration and management of tens to hundreds of devices. This is a necessary requirement for any large-scale deployment and is available for all Keysight iBypass switches.