MarQuest – Universal Conduit Drop AP Mount

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The Universal Conduit Drop AP Mount is an Access Point Mount that is designed to be hung using ¾ inch conduit and a conduit nut, dropped from a ceiling using common methods such as uni-strut. This provides a hanging method and cable management in one package as the cable can be threaded through the conduit directly into the mount.

The mounting surface provides various mounting holes to support a variety of different Access Point brands from the likes of Cisco, HPE Aruba and Extreme. A manoeuvrable button plug provides a locking mechanics on supported access points. Additionally, the mounting box can be retro fitted with a T-bar plate to provide mounting for any access Point that supports T-bar mounting (additional T-bar mount required). The box is hinged for easy access and is held in place using a thumb screw.

These mounts are normally available in white power coated steel, and are available with or without conduit sold at pre-determined lengths.  However, if you require a custom colour, length, or mounting option please contact us directly.


Colour: White Powder Coated Steel

Size: 177mm(L) X 151mm(W) X 52mm(H)

Supported Access Point Brands: Aruba, Cisco, Extreme

Conduit Lengths: 1m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m


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Up to 1m, Up to 3m, Up to 5m, Up to 7.5m