Why choose us?

When it comes to security, trust in deployed systems and in the associated technical partners is paramount.  At MarQuest, we have earned our customers trust by our commitment to fully understanding the technology we support, our attention to detail and extensive technical liaison with customers and vendors when required.

Security systems provided by MarQuest have a focus on visibility, with a wide range available from SIEMs to forensics packet capture systems.  A common feature of all MarQuest-supplied systems is that they come from industry leading vendors using the latest technological innovations available, these include:-

  • Data Analytics from Splunk
  • Packet inspection and traffic analysis from Savvius
  • Network data access solutions from Ixia
  • Wi-Fi intrusion prevention and detection from Extreme Networks and Mojo Networks

Comprehensive maintenance plans, staff training and managed service provision are available from MarQuest for all of the above systems

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