MarQuest offers a range of IT infrastructure-related solutions which include Wi-Fi, IoT technologies, network visibility and packet-level forensic systems.

The defining characteristics of every MarQuest solution are as follows:-

  • Our systems are enterprise class from leading mainstream vendors
  • We take care and time to understand our customers’ precise needs and tailor our solutions accordingly
  • Everything we sell is fully supported by our highly skilled and certified technical team

Wi-Fi and IoT

MarQuest is a supplier of wireless systems to multiple large enterprises as an established and trusted partner.  We support Wi-Fi and range of IoT technologies, including UWB, LoRa and EnOcean. We have earned this position because our design work, equipment supply and on-going support is totally customer-focussed with an emphasis on technical excellence. We can provide a total system which not only includes high operation performance RF technology but also incorporates well-functioning support systems for IP addressing, authentication, security and system monitoring.


Our visibility systems have a wide scope. This ranges from delivering aggregated application performance information, through individual security events, right down to individual bit level packet data. This means that our systems are able to deliver information to persons across multiple roles covering both senior technical levels and operational engineers. Our detailed technical support and attention to detail when it comes to delivering accurate and relevant information, is why we are so-often the go-to choice for so many enterprises.

Network Forensics

Packet level forensic information has several applications:-

  • Post security breach investigations
  • Troubleshooting performance problems
  • Satisfying compliance requirements

MarQuest is a long-established solution provider in this field and is able to deliver specialist support at a very detailed technical level. The systems we provide are able to operate at very high speeds (100Gbps and above) capturing protocol level data with fast searching capabilities. Our extensive knowledge of IT network protocols and troubleshooting techniques means that we are regularly called upon for our expert consultancy and training services.