Why choose us?

Good design practice is critical for effective wired, WLAN and IoT deployment and with each organisation having unique requirements, we work hard to understand and help guide our customers to derive appropriate design parameters for each site.

Once this has been achieved, we set to work designing systems which deliver against these parameters – this may be for high user-density, voice system deployments, industrial scanning operations, combinations of these or for many other requirements.

Whatever the required system, we consistently operate a design system honed from years of practical experience based around standard ISO9001 principles incorporating upfront design taking account of accurate in-field measurements, on-going verification activities and final validation work.

Should changes be required once a new system is up and running, for example where user-density requirements increase or new coverage areas need to be added, we provide on-going design support to ensure that the WLAN remains fit for purpose and so continue to deliver best value for money to our customers over many years.

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